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The "Neurosciences, Cognitive Sciences, Neurology, Psychiatry Institute" of AVIESAN launched a prospective and scientific thinking on "research in Neuroscience in 20 years' time". This reflection is strategic for the community and will be the basis of scientific programming, but also of the structuring and coordination of research in the field of Neuroscience for the coming years.

A workshop made this reflection deeper, gathering 80 experts, researchers, all very involved in all fields of neuroscience (fondamental, biological, cognitive, medical and clinical) and other fields such as mathematics and robotics.

Following this reflection, a collective work, "Le Cerveau en lumières" (or "The brain in lights") is being written and will be published by Odile Jacob (2019).

The Institute organizes a restitution symposium open to researchers, clinicians, politicians, patients / associations .... that will take place at the College de France, Amphitheater Marguerite de Navarre, on June 25, 2019.

Find the program here.