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cohort innov day petit

Cohorts are infrastructures actively supported by all types of healthcare companies, irrespective of whether they work in the field of drugs, medical technologies, diagnostics or biotechnologies. Indeed, these industries depend on these infrastructures to conduct their Research and Development studies and, in some cases, for their real-life observational studies.

ARIIS together with AVIESAN and, in particular, with the public health ITMO, organise this one-day event on this topic every 2 years to support and promote collaboration between these infrastructures and the healthcare industries. The aim of the event is to define different avenues of collaboration between project promoters and healthcare companies.


The first Cohort Innovation Day was held in March 2014. Cohorts were chosen according to the expression of interest of healthcare companies, based on a proposal of a large group of French cohorts (over 13 PIA cohorts). This one-day event was a great success and gathered 138 participants, including 18 companies and 16 cohorts, in 69 B2Bmeetings.

The second CID event was held in March 2016 and had a similar format. For this event, particular focus was given to the potential of cohort-backed biological collections, as well as to the participation of international industrial research teams. This one-day event gathered 142 participants, including 13 companies and 15 cohorts, in 57 B2B meetings.

The third edition was held on October 3rd, 2018 with a focus on Artificial Intelligence. This event, hold at "Station F", gathered 247 participants including 11 industrial delegations and 16 cohorts, in 84 B2B meetings. 10 promising start-ups in IA and health data took also part in this event and presented their technologies during a networking session.

Find all the information about the 2018 edition on the website: http://www.cohortinnovationday.com/ 

Find the key takeaways and feedbacks from this event on the following paper:  "Key takeaways and Feedbacks"


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