To better respond to health challenges, ARIIS aims at decompartmentalizing private research and fostering synergies between drugs, medical technology, diagnosis tools and biotechnologies, and developing the best conditions to enhance innovation.
All health industries work on the same problems, face the same difficulties, use the same technologies and collaborate with the same researchers and universities. Medicine is rapidly moving towards global and multidisciplinary patient management, hence, ARIIS’ primary mission is to faster develop innovative products, i.e. from the idea to making it available to patients.


Bringing Together

As Aviesan’s privileged contact, ARIIS interacts with all stakeholders, training, informing and favouring dialogue and partnerships between scientists in research and innovation.
Ever aware of the challenges to be taken up (cardiovascular diseases, cancer, neurodegenerative diseases, infectious diseases…) and the necessity to achieve a closer collaboration between all actors in healthcare, ARIIS brings together all health industries focusing on human drugs, medical devices, diagnosis tools and health technologies with a specific aim: putting patients at the heart of « research/innovation ». For this reason, ARIIS aims at becoming a centre of expertise and know-how, giving priority to the development of exchanges between researchers to favour synergies between public-private partnerships for better patient management.


First national alliance in the world bringing together actors in the health industry, ARIIS is a key asset for France competitiveness and attractiveness.
Research and innovation in life and health sciences are a strategic priority for international competition. Two main objectives are defined by the Strategic Commitee in Health Industries: developing biotechnologies supporting health industries and benefiting the health of the population; and enhancing partnerships between public and private sectors in biomedical research. ARIIS has adopted and undertakes to fully achieve these goals, in particular by actively participating in the International Meetings on Biomedical Research.

Mainstream projects

You can download the book with ARIIS’s major projects here: